How to Create Your Own DIY Bridesmaid Gift Bags

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The role of a bridesmaid is one of the most cherished and valued positions in a wedding. These women are not just guests; they are confidants, co-planners, and often, family. Your bond is defined by love, laughter, and endless support. When it comes to showing your appreciation, a thoughtful gift speaks volumes. Why not take it one step further with a DIY bridesmaid gift bag that embodies your personal touch?

What is the point of a bridesmaid gift?

Giving bridesmaid gifts is a common tradition that dates back centuries. It is a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for these women’s special role in your life, especially during one of the most important days – your wedding day. Bridesmaid gifts are also a way to show how much you value their friendship and support. It’s a small token of thanks for all the love and time they have invested in helping you plan your special day.  It is a meaningful gift to show them how much you appreciate their role on your special day. 

Bridesmaid gifts for wedding day


The Bridesmaid gift idea is essential and practical. You need to give out these gifts on the wedding day or, at the very latest, during the rehearsal dinner. The gift can serve as a gesture of appreciation and also be useful in helping your bridesmaids get through all the ceremonies and events leading up to the big day.

With DIY bridesmaid gift bags, you’re not just giving a token of gratitude; you’re crafting a memory. The effort and care that goes into every stitch, fill, and flourish reflect the depth of your relationship. It’s about acknowledging each bridesmaid’s unique personality and preferences, ensuring they feel seen and celebrated.

Choosing the Right Supplies

The foundation of your DIY bridesmaid gift bags lies in the selection of supplies. These form the canvas on which you will paint your narrative.

Essential Materials:

  • Tote bags or gift boxes
  • Tissue paper or filler material
  • Personalized items
  • Craft tools (scissors, glue, markers)
  • Ribbons and labels for aesthetics

Remember, the quality of your supplies will define the final look and feel of your gifts.

Personalization Ideas

Personalization takes the sentimentality of your gift to the next level. It’s about making each bag as unique as the lovely lady it’s intended for.

Creative Personalizations:

  • Monogrammed accessories
  • Handmade name tags
  • Customized photos or quotes
  • In-crafting or stitching the bridesmaid’s name

It’s a testament to the individual relationships you’ve cultivated and ensures that the gift isn’t just a keepsake but a cherished reminder of her place in your heart.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Bridesmaid giftbag

Now, for the heart of the matter—how to put these elements together to create a masterpiece that reflects your gratitude.

Step 1: Bag Selection and Decoration

Select a base that aligns with your wedding theme and the practicality of the gift. Tote bags are not only reusable but can be a perfect canvas for your creativity.

Decorate the outside with colors and motifs of significance. Don’t shy away from themes—boho, classic, or avant-garde—that define your shared memories.

Step 2: Adding Personalized Items

Include items that hold relevance to her life. It could be something she can use daily or a memento that symbolizes your friendship.

From spa essentials to hobby-related trinkets, ensure each item reflects her joys and comfort.

Step 3: Packaging and Presentation

The way you present your gift speaks volumes. It should be the kind of unpacking that she’ll want to savor, each moment building the anticipation and warmth.

Drape in tissue paper or confetti, tie with lovely ribbons and affix a thank-you tag that expresses the collective sentiment of the day.

Budget-Friendly Tips

Personalizing shouldn’t break the bank. Here’s how you can honor the spirit of DIY on a reasonable budget.

How much should you spend on bridesmaid gifts?

The amount you spend on bridesmaid gifts is entirely up to your budget and preferences. There’s no set rule, but it’s essential to consider the cost of the wedding and how much you can comfortably afford.

Budget-Friendly Ideas:

  • Utilize any talents or skills you have (such as baking or calligraphy) to create one-of-a-kind gifts for each bridesmaid.
  • Shop for items in bulk to get discounts.
  • Look for sales or deals on personalized items.
  • DIY some elements of the gift, such as handmade cards or packaging materials.

Monetary-Saving Suggestions:

  • Scout for bulk purchase discounts
  • Do it yourself instead of outsourcing for personal touches
  • Use multipurpose items to minimize costs

Adding a Personal Touch

What sets your DIY bridesmaid gift bag apart is the ‘you’ added to every detail. A note from the heart or an unexpected element can make all the difference.

Unconventional Personalization:

  • Include a playlist of songs that remind you of her
  • A Polaroid picture with a memory written on it
  • A guidebook on a hobby she loves, or one you both share

These touches enrich the gift bag with stories, anecdotes, and shared experiences.

Examples of Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Maid of Honor cup

Customized Leather Journal

Bachelorette party themes are trending, and a journal is a must-have accessory for the occasion. Ensure your bridesmaids cherish this special day by gifting them each a custom-made leather notebook.

Personalized leather journals are not only durable but also add a touch of elegance. Consider ordering a journal for every bridesmaid and kick off the celebration by jotting down a heartfelt letter, note, or favorite quote in the journal.

Birth Date Pendant Necklace

A personalized necklace is a classic gift and can be worn with any outfit. Get creative by incorporating the birth date of your bridesmaid or their initials into the design. Not only does this make for a thoughtful gift, but it also serves as a beautiful keepsake that will remind them of your special day every time they wear it.

Jewelry Gift Box

This jewelry case is cute and portable with your bridesmaid’s initials. If you have money available put earrings or earrings in the box. For a more budget-friendly option, place homemade bracelets or necklaces inside. You can even make DIY jewelry to tie into your wedding theme and have each bridesmaid wear it during the ceremony.

Champagne-Scented Candle

Homesick. Give up lavender and vanilla scent candles for special occasions like marriage. The candle smells like champagne—the most celebrated beverage ever created by candle artists. It also is possible for you to buy Homeick Rosé Candle which comes in sets of three for bulk discounts. Why do we like it?

Long-Lasting Nail Polish

Nail polish can never be enough for a woman. This gift is both useful and personal. Find out their favorite color and add an extra touch by creating personalized labels with their names or initials.

Travel Jewelry Case

For the wanderlust bridesmaid, a travel jewelry case is both practical and stylish. Personalize it with their initials or give them a piece of home by incorporating elements from your wedding destination. It’s a thoughtful gift that will make their next trip even more memorable.

Spa or Beauty Gift Sets

Take your wedding guests away for a little relaxation with spa and beauty gifts. These sets range from face masks or bath bombs to luxury cosmetics. Not only do bridesmaids appreciate these thoughtful gifts, but they may use them to calm down or unwind after the wedding celebration has concluded. Look for sets with attractive packages as well as hand-written notes. These may serve as ideal bridesmaid proposal boxes.

Personalized Iced Coffee Cup

Bridesmaid gifts for your wedding will extend the joy beyond your wedding party. Create a cozy café setting with pastries, refreshing beverages, creamers, sugar, and charming glass cups. Each item features personalized designs with names and floral motifs. Perfect for bridesmaids who cherish their morning iced coffee ritual. Customize the cup with their name, initials, or a cheerful quote, and add coffee beans or a gift card to their preferred coffee spot. Every sip will evoke memories of your special connection.

Classic Wedding Survival Kit

Bridesmaids should be available for any issues that could occur during their wedding celebrations. Let these survival kits for a wedding provide all they need for everything. Survival kits are packed with emergency materials for weddings and can be retrieved in a compact vinyl pouch with a visible front so it is possible to find any needed items.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Buy vases, champagne mugs, or glass, and use an acrylic paint pen to create custom glasses for bridesmaids. This is a budget-friendly option but also adds personalization to the glasses. Choose designs that are specific to each bridesmaid, such as their favorite flower or a quote that holds special meaning to both of you.

Personalized Oversized Blanket

A cozy blanket makes a delightful holiday gift. Your bridesmaids will feel truly appreciated when wrapped in a soft throw. They’ll put it to use right away, ensuring a peaceful nap post-wedding.

Pajama Gift Set

Give bridesmaids a new set of pajamas for their special day. It is made with satin charmeuse and has silky softness. It combines elegance with comfort. The stylish and comfortable design makes this dress the perfect loungewear for bridesmaids!

Bridesmaid Canvas Makeup Bag

Your bridesmaids deserve a special thank you for their hard work to make your special day perfect. Show your appreciation with personalized makeup bags for each of them.

Personalized Tote Bags

Customized bags can be a perfect gift for your bridesmaids that they can carry even after the wedding. The bag can be personalized using their names, initials, or funny quotes. Fill the box with other gifts and goodies such as small champagne bottles or cute key chains. Your bride-to-be will enjoy your thoughtful gift.

Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great way to express your love and appreciation for your bridesmaids. You can fill it with their favorite things like chocolates, candles, skincare products, or even jewelry. Add a heartfelt note to each one expressing how much they mean to you and why you chose the items in the basket.

Sandal gift box

The beauty of DIY bridesmaid gift bags is the love and labor it encapsulates. It honors the role of a bridesmaid through your creative hands, making the gift not just about the items within, but the intent behind them. Your bridesmaids are an extension of you on your special day. By creating a unique gift bag for each, you’re celebrating the diverse, cherished roles they play in your life and on your wedding day.

Crafting your own DIY bridesmaid gift bags is a personal and meaningful undertaking. It’s an opportunity to bond over the process, share laughs, and create something that will be remembered long after the wedding day. The value of a gift is often measured by the time and care invested, and DIY bridesmaid gift bags are a testament to the relationships you cherish.

To brides-to-be reading this, be inspired to make your bridal party gifts more than just a formality. Make it an extension of your love story—a tale woven through the intricate crafting of DIY bridesmaid gift bags. Your wedding day is not just a destination, but a beautiful, unforgettable voyage, and your bridesmaids are the co-captains. Say ‘thank you’ to them in a language that they’ll understand and appreciate. Because after all, it’s the small, DIY details that often stir the deepest emotions.

Creating DIY bridesmaid gift bags can be a joyous venture. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the incredible support system you’re blessed with and celebrate the individuality of each bridesmaid. The memories you’ll make while putting these gifts together are as priceless as the gifts themselves. They remind you, in the hustle and bustle of wedding arrangements, what truly makes the heart of this celebration beat—love, in all its shared manifestations. Engage with your creative spirit, and enjoy the process of giving gifts that are more than just tangible items—they are tokens of a shared adventure.

For bridesmaids who may be reading, know that your role is the stuff of legends, and the recognition of this role is at the heart of DIY bridesmaid gift bags. Treasure not just the gifts, but the sentiment behind them. It testifies how through storms and sunsets, laughter and lessons, you stood by each other, and today, stand shoulder to shoulder in celebration.

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