Meet The Owners of Occasions...Just Write

Occasions...Just Write has been the go-to store for all things special occasions since the 90s. From wedding invitations to thank you cards, the store had everything you needed to make your event perfect. So when Derek and Kirsten saw that the store was for sale, they knew they would be a great team to continue the tradition.


Kirsten brings over 10 years of retail experience while Derek is a serial entrepreneur and founder of DesignLoud, a local web design & marketing agency. Derek and Kirsten plan to expand the business and offer even more products and services.


Kirsten remembered going to Occasions...Just Write as a little girl to flip through the wedding invitations. She was excited to continue the legacy of the store and bring some new ideas to it.


The couple plans to offer additional services such as gift baskets, fresh local flowers, custom invitations and thank you cards, journaling, art and school supplies, writing utensils and calligraphy, gift wrapping products and services, and journaling and stationery subscription boxes.


Whether you are looking for the perfect greeting cards to celebrate a special occasion or need custom invitations for your upcoming wedding, Occasions...Just Write has everything you need to make your next event truly memorable.


With the expansion of products and services, Derek and Kirsten are sure that Occasions...Just Write will continue to become the go-to store for all your special event needs.

Kirsten Lovan

Paying Homage to Our Beginnings


James Mahan was a dedicated father and loving husband. Some years ago, his mother gave him a plastic pink flamingo lawn ornament for Christmas as a gag gift. Because his family found it so hilarious, he began getting flamingos every holiday. Eventually, it became a tradition.

In 2012, James was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. For his 55th birthday, his wife asked his friends and family to send him flamingo cards, hoping he would get 55 cards for his last birthday. James ended up with over 200 cards and many other gifts – blow-up flamingos, flamingo hats, coasters, pens, candy, glasses, and shirts. A group of his coworkers “flocked” his house the night before his birthday. Even after his birthday, cards and gifts kept coming. He was a man who was loved by all and will always be missed.

When his wife and daughter decided to move to Wilmington and buy a small stationery store, they wanted to honor their memory of him. His daughter designed a logo that would be a symbol joining their new life at a stationery store and the happy memories of her father. Thus, the Flamingo Quill was created.
In honor of James Mahan, 1957-2012.