DIY Ideas For Wedding Lights

Wedding chairs and dining table

Wedding planning can be challenging, and many couples struggle to create the perfect ambiance for their special day. One of the key aspects that can make or break the wedding atmosphere is lighting. The proper lighting can transform a wedding venue into a magical wonderland full of romance and beauty. However, hiring a lighting designer…

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DIY Wedding Arch Ideas

Wedding Arch Ideas

As the center of attention on your big day, it is crucial to have a your own wedding arch that complements your theme, venue, and ceremony space. From floral arrangements to rustic wooden designs, the perfect wedding arch can set the tone for your special day. However, buying a pre-made arch can put a dent…

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DIY: How To Make Your Own Wedding Chandeliers

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Weddings are a momentous occasion that calls for a grand celebration. And what better way to celebrate this beautiful day than with stunning decorations? Weddings are often expensive, and one of the costliest elements is the décor. However, many DIY décor projects can help you save money and add a personal touch to your big…

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Tips and Tricks For Perfectly Wrapping Presents

Perfectly Wrapped Presents

Whether you’re wrapping a present for a birthday, holiday, or just because, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a present perfectly wrapped. But if you’re not a professional gift-wrapper, it can be easy to end up with wrinkled paper, wonky corners, and tape all over the place. Never fear—we’ve gathered some of the best…

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How To Get Wax Out of Clothes

Occasions Candle Tips

Did you happen to have an accident with your favorite wax candle while wearing your favorite shirt or sweater? Or perhaps some of it splashed onto you if it happened to fall over. Or maybe you even work with wax materials on the job and it got on you. If you’ve ever accidentally spilled wax…

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2018 Writing Contest Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Anna Meyers for winning the grand prize in our 2018 Writing Contest! Here is her winning essay entitled The Letter. The Letter I unfolded the aged loose leaf paper with the greatest of care, feeling like I should be wearing gloves, for surely it would crumble to dust at any moment. The letter…

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How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

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Have you ever wanted to send thank you notes after a wedding, baby shower, birthday, job interview, or other event but weren’t quite sure what to include, when to send it, or how to write one? You’re in luck! This is your all-inclusive guide on how to write the perfect thank you note for any…

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Join Us for Our 4th Annual Flamingo Week!

flamingo week 2017 blog|jim flamingo week

We’re proud to announce our 4th annual Flamingo Week, starting May 15th and ending May 20th. Please join us for this week of fun, supporting Lower Cape Fear Hospice, and giving back to our community! Why Do We Do Flamingo Week? Flamingo Week is very personal to Occasions as Hospice was tremendously supportive to us…

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