Essential Stationery Supplies for a Productive New Year

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It’s officially the start of a new year, and you know what that means; it’s time to set some goals and make resolutions! If getting more organized is on your list for 2023, having the right stationery supplies can help you get off to a great start. Read on for our top stationery supplies to help you stay productive and reach your goals this year. 


Whether it’s digital or paper, having a planner is essential for staying organized. A planner helps keep track of all your tasks, appointments, and other commitments. When choosing a planner, consider the size and format. Do you want something small that fits in your pocket or purse? Or do you prefer something larger with more room for writing? 


There are several different types of planners available to help you organize your life in whatever way suits your needs best. For those with busy schedules, a Daytimer can be used to keep track of meetings, appointments, and other important events. Those who want to get a good handle on their goals might consider using an Action Planner, which allows you to visually map out all the steps needed to achieve whatever objectives you have set for yourself. The Bullet Journal has gained in popularity as a method that combines both traditional diary and task management approach. Finally, organizing your life with digital calendars and applications is becoming more popular as well – especially for those who prefer electronic forms of organization. Whatever planner works best for you, taking the time to find the right one will pay off in invaluable time saved and ultimately peace of mind.

Notebooks & Notepads 

Notebooks and notepads are also essential stationery supplies you should stock up on in preparation for 2023. Notepads can be used for quick notes, reminders, and checklists while notebooks are perfect for longer notes or journaling sessions. Choose from spiral-bound notebooks or hardcover journals depending on your preference. You may even want to opt for both so that you have everything you need no matter what type of note-taking task you are doing! 

Pencil Case 

No matter what your stationery needs are, having all the tools in one place makes life easier. Investing in a pencil case will allow you to store all of your pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, markers and other items in one convenient location. Pencil cases also come in many different sizes and materials; from small cases that fit in pockets and purses to larger ones with multiple compartments – find one that best suits your needs! 


Pile of Pens

Writing has been a fundamental tool for communication since ancient civilizations. Despite the convenience technology provides, writing with a traditional pen or pencil remains an essential part of academic, professional, and everyday life. Pens are a key stationery supply as they offer writers unparalleled control, accuracy, and ease of use. There are several varieties of pens available to suit every purpose: 

Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are the ideal choice for an extensive array of tasks. They allow for smooth, accurate writing, making them ideal for all sorts of handwriting, from simple note-taking to delicate artistic works. Ballpoint pens are also useful for everyday office work due to their longer barrel, which can make writing simpler and reduce hand fatigue. With a quick-drying ink formula, there is no need to worry about smudging or erasing mistakes. Furthermore, as ballpoint pens generally require little-to-no maintenance and are relatively inexpensive when compared with other options, they are a fantastic choice for a school or business who need stationery on a budget.

Gel Pens 

Gel pens are ideal for many creative tasks. Their inks create vivid, opaque colors and when combined with a smooth writing surface, the ink will not skip or drag. Because of this combination of characteristics, gel pens are great for art projects like hand-lettering, coloring pages and adult coloring books. This makes them the most popular choice of pen amongst kids, and they come in erasable form for those that love to make mistakes. They can be used on paper, card stock and even most fabrics without smearing or blurring. Additionally, since their pigmented inks are fast-drying and water-resistant once fully dry, they work really well for craft projects such as scrapbooking and adding decorative details to fabric items like aprons or tote bags. Gel pens also make an attractive alternative to traditional writing instruments when creating invitations or thank you cards.

Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens are one of the most aesthetically pleasing writing instruments. Not only do their classic look and feel give every project impetus, but they also provide a level of intricacy that cannot be achieved with other more modern writing utensils. Their sophisticated look make them ideal for any written assignments with a higher level of formality such as legal documents and professional letters. 

Calligraphy Pen

Moreover, Fountain Pens are made up of many useful features which allows users to express themselves in precise detail. The interchangeable nibs offer a greater range of line variation allowing for an endless array of style possibilities. Pen nibs are the metal tips of a fountain pen that help to create different line widths depending on the angle and pressure applied. Each pen nib has been specifically designed to offer varying degrees of line variation, allowing users to produce detailed, fine strokes or broader brush strokes with ease. This makes them ideal for calligraphy and illustrations, allowing for a high level of control over the flow and consistency of ink. Different size pen nibs can also be used for larger works such as poster art to provide a fine, professional finish. By utilizing these features, users are sure to achieve an exquisite final result each time. 

Fountain pen metal

Fountain pen ink is generally thicker and more viscous than other types of pen inks. This helps create a smooth, consistent line on the page with less smudging or bleeding. Additionally, fountain pen ink is usually made up of dye-based particles which are suspended in a water-soluble solution. This allows for a wider range of colors and shades than standard ballpoint or gel pens, as well as greater permanence when writing on certain surfaces. Fountain pen inks come in a variety of formulas that can be specialized for certain tasks such as water-proofing, archival quality materials and quick drying times. The combination of these features provide users complete control over the finished product, making it an ideal choice for all types of written projects.

Roller Pens

Roller pens are a great choice for individuals who need to write for a significant period of time. Roller pens typically contain water-based, pigment-dyed inks. These inks are dense and highly saturated which allows them to write smoothly and provide consistent lines on the page. The pigments used in the ink are also fade-resistant, meaning your notes or documents will stay legible for years. Their unique design includes an array of features that make them excellent for use when filling in forms and legal documents, taking notes in the classroom, or writing extended essays and papers. Not only are their ergonomic barrels comfortable to grip and write with, but they also offer quality ink control and smooth strokes that aid in both legibility and accuracy. In short, roller pens provide comfort while also delivering accuracy which makes them ideal for any situation that requires long-term handwriting.

Felt-Tip Pens

Felt tip pens are ideal for activities that require creativity and precision. The bold, vivid colors make them ideal for illustrating stories and crafting beautiful pieces of art. The fact that felt tip pens lay down ink consistently, even when under pressure, makes them great for writing in fine detail or designing intricate patterns. They are also excellent for creating handmade cards and custom artwork. As their nibs are soft, they provide greater control over handwriting, perfect for neatly labeling documents or adding a beautiful touch to projects. Moreover, their water-soluble designs give added versatility to those wishing to add shading and effects to their work with an easy-to-use tool. Felt tip pens will surely help your creative journey be more enjoyable and fulfilling!


Highlighting text

We can all agree that sometimes things get overwhelming when juggling multiple tasks at once. Highlighters are an immensely useful tool that can help you stay organized and in control of your work. By highlighting important information, you can save time having to look back through a document to find an essential piece of information. For students, highlighters allow them to review their notes quickly before tests or assignments and get a clear understanding of the important topics. They are also incredibly helpful for professionals: by highlighting the action items from meeting minutes or key points from reports, reminders become more easily absorbable throughout their day. Highlighters ultimately act as lighthouses guiding us towards important knowledge when we’re lost among piles of documents! With so many colors available these days (neon greens/pinks/yellows/oranges), highlighters can also be used as fun pop of color when writing notes or completing paperwork! 

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are another stationery must-have for anyone looking to stay organized in 2023. Sticky notes are an often underrated but useful tool. They can be used as reminders for upcoming deadlines or to-dos that are important, or as a way to keep track of long-term projects in order. Sticky notes also provide a tangible, physical way to stay organized, especially when there is the temptation of countless distractions on smartphones and computers. Arranging and categorizing different types of notes in a creative way can inspire renewed focus and dedication towards tasks and goals. Best of all, sticky notes are affordable, portable, and generally easy to re-arrange and erase. They can be used for a variety of purposes; from reminders and to do lists, to labeling items or sections in books or notebooks. Plus, there’s something satisfying about peeling off the top layer of a sticky note when jotting down a thought or task. 

You can also get fun sticky note dispensers in different shapes and designs, adding a bit of color and fun to your desk set up! Some designs for sticky note dispensers include circles, squares, cubes, animals, fruits and vegetables. There are also novelty sticky notes available that are shaped like hearts or stars. Many of these dispensers can be customized with your name or favorite phrase for a personalized touch. You can also find them in different colors and materials, such as plastic or metal. Whatever design you choose, a sticky note dispenser is sure to add a touch of fun to your desk set up!


Whiteboards are an incredibly useful tool for staying organized and visually planning tasks. The medium allows for one to plan ahead in a tangible, tangible way not found with notes that easily become scattered or forgotten. Whiteboards can cover the entire wall if needed, providing ample space for lists and ideas. One can plot out deadlines, link relationships between tasks, assign colors for different priorities and more – all of which help keep complex projects in order and make sure nothing gets neglected. Additionally, with the use of erasable markers, whiteboard contents can be easily adjusted if plans change or any changes require modification during the course of a project. Simply put, whiteboards provide a fundamental organization resource that should not be overlooked in today’s busy world.

Overall Benefits of Having Physical Stationery Tools & Supplies

Physical stationery tools, such as daily planners and notebooks, can offer a deeper level of organization compared to online tools. These physical tools provide tactile interaction that can ground busy minds and help promote clarity in planning out goals. Furthermore, the beauty of physical stationery tools lies in their portability and easy accessibility; should you need quick access to your plans or notes during any part of the day, all you need to do is reach for your planner or notebook and all of the information is right at hand. Compared to online tools, physical stationery offers something simpler yet more tangible — an embodiment of how presence and commitment are key elements in staying organized.

Stocking up on stationery supplies is an important step towards achieving success this year! Whether it’s a paper or a planner, pencil case or highlighters – having the right tools will help keep everything organized and on track towards reaching those resolutions! If you need stationery supplies check out Occasions on our online store or visit our shop here in downtown Wilmington, NC! Aside from stationery supplies we also offer card and gift supplies for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and more! 

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