DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

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Everyone loves a wedding favor, and the options are limitless! Whether you’re having a beach-themed destination wedding, a classic black-tie affair, or something in between, there are plenty of creative ideas to choose from. Here are some of our favorite DIY wedding favor ideas along with the different styles of weddings they can come with. 

Rustic Weddings 

Barrel Wedding Decoration

What is a Rustic Wedding?

Rustic weddings are all the rage these days, and with good reason! They offer an intimate environment wherever you decide to have your nuptials, with natural elements like wood, greenery, and flowers adding something special to the atmosphere. Moreover, they can be totally customizable. From adding vintage touches like lace or old books to crafting centerpieces out of mason jars for the reception tables, the options are limitless in achieving a one-of-a-kind rustic wedding vibe. And best of all, rustic decor can really help you save money on your wedding budget! No matter what type of rustic wedding you envision for your big day, it will surely be one to remember.

Rustic Wedding DIY Favor Ideas

Rustic Wedding decoration

Planning a rustic wedding can be made easier and more cost-effective with some easy DIY ideas for favors. For example, tiny glass jars filled with homemade jam are both lovely to look at and pretty inexpensive. Mason jars also come in various sizes and shapes, so they’re an ideal option too. You could even dress the little jars up by attaching ribbons or tiny tags with hot glue as decorations to make them more marvelous. Furthermore, if you want to add a personal touch to your favors, you can craft tiny wooden boxes or baskets filled with seed packets and embellished with cute labels. Have fun gathering the tiny supplies that will make this day even more special!

Destination Weddings 

Waterfront wedding

What is a Destination Wedding?

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years! It’s the perfect combination of tying the knot and actually taking a fabulous, romantic getaway together. Whether it’s a beachside resort on an exotic island or atop a mountain with a view to remember, destination weddings offer couples their chance to have the wedding they truly want – far away from home. These intimate occasions can be as grand or low-key as desired and every aspect of them cater specifically to the couple’s desires. What could be more fun than committing your lives together in a romantic locale? 

Destination Wedding DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

For these type of nuptials, consider sending your wedding party home with something unique that reflects the location. Some ideas include custom shot glasses, keychains featuring local landmarks or icons, or even small bottles of sand from the beach where you said “I do!” Get creative and pick something that everyone is sure to treasure for years to come. 

Black Tie Affairs 

What to Expect at a Black Tie Affair Wedding

A black tie affair wedding is a formal celebration of love, promise, and commitment. It’s a special occasion that should be celebrated with class and elegance. Guests are expected to dress in their finest attire, with the gentlemen in black tuxedos and ladies in floor-length gowns that sparkle with sophistication. The fun begins before the ceremony as guests have time to mingle, enjoy refreshments, and take photos for lasting memories. Couples who choose this ambience for their wedding will bask in grandeur thanks to every elegant detail planned out from the gorgeous venue to the thoughtful décor. A black tie affair wedding is sure to be the talk of the town!

Black Tie Affair DIY Wedding Favors Ideas

If you’re planning an elegant black tie affair, try something timeless and classy like silver picture frames engraved with your names and wedding date. Homemade soap bars make a great gift as well! You can make them in a big batch with whatever essential oils you want, or even throw in some ground coffee beans for exfoliation! Soap is also easy to carve so you can put a special message on the bars for your guests. You can also add in personalized mini champagne bottles or cocktail kits with a few ingredients for your guests to enjoy. Consider adding in cute custom labels with the instructions of how to make the drink or printing out recipes if you’re creating more than one type of kit. You could also include personalized stirrers, rocks glasses, handmade coasters, and other items that would add an extra touch of elegance to your special day! The possibilities are endless — just make sure it matches the theme of your special day!   

Outdoor Weddings

The Magic of an Outdoor Wedding 

An outdoor wedding is a magical celebration that makes use of the natural beauty of the outdoors as its backdrop. It can be just as romantic, traditional, and thrilling as any other type of wedding with the added bonus of being set in a beautiful and expansive natural environment. With an outdoor wedding, couples have the opportunity to create their own unique atmosphere and decorate it however they want. The possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to planning activities and entertainment for an outdoor wedding. Whether you host a bonfire with marshmallows on sticks or display your favorite art pieces along a scenic trail, the more creative you get, the more stunning your venue will be!

DIY Wedding Favor Inspiration

DIY s’mores wedding favors are the perfect sweet treat for an outdoor wedding. Guests will be delighted to receive a personalized s’mores wedding favor, filled with all the ingredients they need to make delicious s’more creations at home – graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Get creative by adding different flavorings such as caramel, mint chips, peanut butter cups, and more! You can even shape the chocolate into whatever you want with silicone molds! The favor boxes can also be dressed up with ribbons or special decorations related to your wedding theme. An easy-to-do s’more wedding favor is a unique and delightful gift that guests can enjoy on your wedding day (if you’ve got a bonfire going) or they can save it for later to eat at home.

Summer Wedding

An Unforgettable Day with Friends and Family Under the Sun  

Summer weddings are a chance for couples to give their special day that extra something that only the warm temperatures and long days can provide. There’s something especially festive about dressing up in your finest clothes when the sun is shining. For guests, it’s a time to nod and smile to all those familiar wedding rituals: traditional vows, exchanging rings and the symbolic kiss to seal the deal. Add in some summery music, cocktails, dancing and an array of delicious food – not forgetting cake cutting! – and you’ve got a great combination of memorable moments that will certainly make magical memories.

Summer Wedding DIY Favors

Summer weddings are often filled with bright colors and cheerful vibes, so the favors should reflect these qualities. From cute and delicious treats like personalized jars of jam or honey, to eco-friendly options such as seeds for guests to plant, there are plenty of ideas for do-it-yourself wedding favors that will make your day extra special. For beach weddings, old-fashioned wooden fans would be both practical and stylish way to keep all your guests cool in the summer heat. If you are looking for a unique gift, how about collecting some “treasures” from the beach such as shells and placing them in small decorated boxes? The possibilities really are endless when it comes to creating diy wedding favor ideas for summer!

Winter Wedding

Let It Snow, Let It Snow – Hosting an Unforgettable Winter Wedding! 

Winter weddings are a magical time for couples to say “I do,” as they offer a unique and enchanting atmosphere that can’t be beat. The crisp and chilly air coupled with sparkling snowflakes create a beautifully serene backdrop that seems to be straight out of a fairy tale. Winter weddings also bring about an array of charming and cozy features such as roaring fireplaces, twinkling fairy lights, and exquisite seasonal décor. Couples frequently opt for warm and luxurious materials in their attire, like velvet and faux fur, to keep stylishly warm during their special day. Plus, the delightful winter menus featuring hearty comfort foods and decadent hot drinks add a touch of indulgence to the celebrations. Despite the cold temperatures, winter weddings are a true wonderland, capturing the hearts of those who dare to embrace the season.

DIY Favor Ideas

Flipping through the pages of a wedding magazine can inspire ideas for any home crafty type looking to make their own DIY winter wedding favors. By utilizing easy and fun materials or ingredients, you can make the party favor preparations an enjoyable experience that ends with an immaculately custom-crafted request for guests to take home and enjoy. A creative example of this could be hot cocoa packets, or warm spiced cider mixes, or even just tea bags served in tiny jars complete with cozy flannel gift bags and handwritten tags. Or if sweet treats are your jam, cookie mix jars adorned with vintage fabric and ribbon could also do the trick! No matter what your preference, when it comes to winter weddings, DIY favors are sure to add a special sparkle.

Autumn Weddings

An Unforgettable Occasion of Love Under Falling Leaves

There’s something magical about autumn weddings, as they evoke feelings of warmth, coziness, and romance. As the leaves change colors and nature showcases its breathtaking hues of gold, orange, and red, couples have the perfect backdrop for their special day. The cool crisp air and stunning foliage encourage creativity in planning, leading to a memorable autumnal event. In addition to seasonal décor, featuring pumpkins, colorful flowers, and rustic elements, fall weddings often include hearty comfort foods that warm the heart and tickle the palate. Another popular trend is incorporating flavors and scents of the season into the wedding by serving caramel apple cocktails or using cinnamon-scented candles. All in all, autumn weddings create a unique atmosphere that captivates guests and leaves lasting memories for the happy couple.

Autumn Wedding DIY Favor Ideas

From homemade little pies, complete with a personalized thank-you label, to rustic candle holders made from tree branches adorned with dried flowers and twine, the possibilities are endless! Warm up their hearts with DIY pumpkin spice latte mix in adorable little sachets, or let them cozy up their homes with custom embroidered blankets featuring your wedding colors. With a touch of creativity and a dose of seasonal charm, your autumn wedding will be an unforgettable experience, leaving your wedding guests with memorable keepsakes to cherish forever.

Spring Weddings

 Love Blooms Everlasting: An Idyllic Spring Wedding 

As the season of fresh blooms and vibrant colors rolls in, spring weddings never fail to dazzle and charm their way into our hearts. These enchanting events often embody the essence of love and renewal, mirroring the profusion of life that the season is known for. Couples at spring weddings emerge like butterflies, embarking on a journey of love, as they exchange their vows under arches draped with elegant flora. As guests mingle, laughter fills the air, alongside the scent of fragrant blooms and the sweet sound of birdsong. Delightful dishes crafted from seasonal produce are aplenty, reflecting the couple’s unique personalities and tastes. Frothy gowns and pastel ensembles fill the atmosphere with an ethereal touch, while dancing the night away becomes a whimsical reality. Indeed, spring weddings are a perfect celebration of love, life, and new beginnings, for all to cherish.

Spring Wedding DIY Favor Ideas

As the flowers start to bloom and the sun begins to shine, there’s no better time for a spring wedding! And what better way to celebrate your love than with some beautiful wedding favors? Let your creativity blossom, and create personalized mementos that radiate the joy and vibrancy of the season. From seed packets that inspire your guests to grow their own gardens, to miniature terrariums filled with pretty succulents, these handmade favors speak volumes about your love and appreciation for your guests. You can even add a sweet treat like a simple candy bar or honey jars adorned with cute tags and ribbons or opt for fragrant candles in vintage teacups to create a lasting scent-sational memory of your big day. Whatever you choose, remember, it’s the thought and effort you put into your DIY spring wedding favors that will make them truly unforgettable!

Whatever type of wedding you’re planning – whether it’s rustic, destination, black tie or something else entirely – giving out thoughtful favors is a great way to thank your guests for attending such an important event in your life. With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble finding just the right favor for your big day! If you need some inspiration or materials, stop by Occasions in Downtown Wilmington to see if we have the supplies you need!

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